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Homeowners and Residents
What is the Homeowner’s Role?
Know and Follow the Rules
Familiarize yourself with and abide by the Governing Documents: Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the Rules and Regulations. They contain the “law” of the association, and are enforceable by fine, lien or other legal recourse, so it is important that you understand and follow the rules at all times.
Give the Property Manager Your Contact Information (and Property Management/Renter information, if applicable)
Pay Your Association Dues
All homeowners within the association must pay dues as set forth in the governing documents.  Association dues are necessary for the ongoing physical and financial maintenance of the association.  If owners fail to pay their dues in a timely manner, and an association accrues large delinquencies, many lenders will refuse to fund home loans for within the association.  This can make it very difficult for owners to sell their homes.
Carry Proper Insurance Coverage
Although a portion of your association dues pays for the directors and officers policy, and insuring common elements through the General Liability and Property Damage policy, you need a separate policy to cover your personal property and personal liability. Our management company, are not insurance agents, but you can contact them to find out what the Heron Ridge Eatates Homeowners Association’s policy covers. Then you’ll be better equipped to talk with your own insurance agent about additional coverage you should carry.

Participate in Your Community
While the Board of Directors and the management compnay are charged with ongoing business, it is important for communities to establish active committees.  Any committee that enhances the community and doesn’t counteract association guidelines is potentially a good idea.  Even if you are unable to participate on a committee, you can contribute to your community by attending quarterly board meetings and association-sponsored events. 

Just like the homeowners, renters must adhere to all provisions of the Governing Documents. It is the responsibility of owners to make their tenants aware of the provisions and restrictions of the Governing Documents, and the owners, as members of the Heron Ridge Estates Association, are responsible for the conduct of their tenants and their guests.